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Did the mayor of Miami Beach just show that global warming is manageable?

http://twitter.com/#!/BillyCorben/status/519949496676278273 Hey, parking meters are hard, but here’s Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine declaring “victory” in the “first battle” against rising seas. His sword in this fight is a $400+ million infrastructure project that has prevented flooding in one of the lowest spots in Miami: This is a victory for the first battle in what will be a long war against sea level rise. @MiamiHerald @joeflech pic.twitter.com/UQa6gJlmbJ — Mayor Philip Levine (@MayorLevine) October 9, 2014 Why yes, […]

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The Mating Song Of The Last Kauai ‘O’o Bird On Earth Is Haunting

When you hear birds chirping in the springtime, it’s safe to say that they’re calling out to potential mates. Because it’s such an ordinary sound, it probably doesn’t occur to you that it could be the last time that bird’s call is ever heard. While it’s a far-fetched idea, that was the thought going through the heads of researchers in 1987 as they recorded the last male Kauai ‘O’o bird singing on the Hawaiian island of Kauaʻi. […]

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‘Fire and brimstone next’: CNN doubles down on ‘polar vortex’ nonsense

http://twitter.com/#!/StephenGutowski/status/420580238775816193 Just yesterday, CNN reported that the United States had been sucked into the “polar vortex.” And now, we know why: global warming, of course! http://twitter.com/#!/CNN/status/420579428385976320 They just can’t help themselves. http://twitter.com/#!/ericinva/status/420583155989348352 Anyone for mockery? http://twitter.com/#!/mark_ccfc/status/420582791802138624 http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/420580794273251328 http://twitter.com/#!/RickSheridan/status/420583263388712960 Snort! http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/420581024343785472 http://twitter.com/#!/BecketAdams/status/420580678493687808 Gird your loins, kids. *** Related: ‘Brilliant, sir!’ Mark Knoller suggests drinking game to accompany reports of extreme cold Breaking at CNN: United States has been ‘sucked into ‘polar vortex” [pic] ‘Posted a new selfie’: Al Gore shows […]

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