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This Wisdom From Will Smith Will Totally Change Your Relationship With Failure

No one likes to fail at something they’ve tried their best to do. It can be devastating and disheartening to fail, and it can be especially hard to pull yourself up and try again. Actor Will Smith has experienced plenty of failure in his life, and he says in a new inspirational video posted to YouTube that we need to change our relationship to failure and see it as an opportunity to grow. In the video, he […]

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‘Free from job lock!’ Citizens unite to #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words!/michellemalkin/status/458309169217417217 The #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words hashtag is trending in the US: A few hours ago the hashtag got rolling again after having been dormant for over a month, and the descriptions of liberalism in four words keep coming:!/richisaacs/status/458202659791839232!/klshrews2/status/458228514911973376 #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words I was set up!…— Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) April 21, 2014!/fredwimpy/status/458263529812815872!/BarneyFranken/status/458306093895020544!/lindarutter/status/458317649399656448!/AVTennisGod/status/458263574700257280!/Red__Rover/status/458265672309415936!/bhewing1/status/458267050972950529!/NoahWehrman/status/458267552884350976!/PolicyDiva/status/458312574069927937!/Patriot_Musket/status/458267786708389888!/Patriot_Musket/status/458317930086670336!/Artist_Angie/status/458271329083731968!/TheC0zmo/status/458309627331899392!/ElStorcho26/status/458311762975006722!/_Hank_Rearden_2/status/458311606695641089!/phillipbascom/status/458312370444832768 Perfection:!/hale_razor/status/458289325411549184 Ha! There were of course limited “hashtag hijack” attempts:!/bridoc/status/458311024379441152 […]

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