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Here are the Healthiest Candies You Can Eat This Halloween. It’s Not a Trick!

Concerned parents everywhere are gearing up for the candy festival that is known as Halloween. Every year, parents have to be on high alert and worry about the health of the children that participate in the holiday. Candy has a bad reputation for being causing cavities, leading to obesity and making children hyperactive lunatics.  This Halloween, don’t fret. You should know that not all candy is created equal. So, throw out those disgusting circus peanuts and let […]

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These Amazing Easter Eggs Will Make Going On The Internet Even More Awesome.

Even if you’re erudite enough to know that the Internet isn’t simply “a series of tubes,” there’s still so much you likely have to learn. With so much information that could be accessed in just a few clicks, there’s no way you’ll be able to find it, let alone absorb it all. That’s especially true when all of these sites have such fun hidden messages and games on them. Why do research when you can play Atari? […]

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