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New Obamacare success metric: Those ‘poised to gain coverage’!/lachlan/status/413109521247371264 Remember the good old days when the Obama administration rolled out its “more expansive” definition of “enrolled in Obamacare” to include those who had simply placed an insurance plan in their virtual shopping cart? What they called “pre-effectuated enrollment”? A new White House email expands that expansive definition even further, touting those 1.2 million who are poised to gain coverage.!/rpward51/status/413117092783595521!/JammieWF/status/413111263351144448!/NoBroccoli4U/status/413112237251756032 Heh.!/iCobalt1/status/412762602352041984 Yes, poised is the new word.!/Dcoxboomer/status/412764545850306560 How many Americans are […]

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