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Not Only Did This Teen Beat Cancer, But He Followed His Dreams, Too.

In 2010, when he was only 15, Zach Zeiler was diagnosed with stage 1B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In its later stages, this cancer is fatal. Zach was previous an active, athletic high school student. Due to the illness as well as the treatments, he soon found himself weak. His weight dropped to about 100 pounds and he lost his hair. While he had the support of his family and his girlfriend, Tara Hurley, he was understandably frustrated with his […]

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What These Men Just Did For Their Wives Will Leave You In Tears (Of Laughter).

Women, how often do you hear men say that childbirth can’t be THAT bad? If people haven’t experienced labor pains, they just don’t know. It’s not like getting kicked or having cramps. It’s on a whole other level. These two husbands decided to find out just how “bad” bringing a human being into this world actually is… and it’s hilarious. They invited their wives in to watch them experience synthetic labor pains. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing at the […]

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This Manta Ray Had A Fishing Line Wrapped Around Her Wing. Watch As These Divers Amazingly Help Her.

This beautiful video comes to us from the Philippines. When several divers were out in the ocean, they were approached by a large Manta Ray with a fishing line slicing through her right wing. The master diver attempted several times to cut her free from the barnacle encrusted fishing line, but she always flinched. Several attempts later it looked like she realized the diver was trying to help and she calmed down, allowing him to set her […]

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