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When Mum swaps the TV for Christmas decorations ⚽📺

When Mum swaps the TV for Christmas decorations ⚽📺 LadBaby Turbo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/becomesupporter/LadBabyOfficial LadBaby Turbo YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ladbabyofficial/join See what happens when Mum decides she going to place the TV with Christmas decorations when Dad’s due to watch football 😂Will he see the funny side? 🤔….or will he just moan? 😂 Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the LadBaby YouTube channel for all the latest videos! Yes Maaaaaate 👍 …AND here’s where you can subscribe to the LadBaby & […]

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This Parenting Hack Is Super Simple (And Probably The Cutest Thing Ever)

Every parent who lives somewhere cold can empathize with the terrible annoyance of taking a child’s boots off. The second they get in the door, the boots need to come off before your kid tracks snow and dirt into the house. Yanking them off their feet is a seriously irritating battle. Not anymore, though! Just check out the simple trick that one parent came up with to take those pesky boots off in a flash…and get a […]

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