To Raise Awareness For Cerebral Palsy, This Boy Carried His Brother More Than 100 Miles

There are approximately 764,000 people in the United States living with cerebral palsy.

It’s a debilitating disease that restricts muscle control, hinders motor skills and balance, and can even cause a speech impairment. While more than three out of every thousand babies are born with it, many still don’t know about the congenital disorder.

Hunter Gandee hopes to change that.

His brother, Braden, suffers from CP, and in an effort to raise awareness of his sibling’s disease, the 16-year-old carried the nine-year-old boy 111 miles from his high school to the State Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan.

Hunter Gandee is a Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year…

But above all, he’s a big brother.

Gandee’s brother, Braden, has cerebral palsy.

Together, they hope to inform people about the debilitating disease. This year in particular, Gandee carried his brother 111 miles in order to raise awareness.

The journey started at Gandee’s high school in Temperance, Michigan, and concluded at the State Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan.

The brothers have participated in similar treks three years running and they’ve named the journey “The Cerebral Palsy Swagger.”

They’ve gotten the support of the community and their family, and it’s pretty clear they’re accomplishing their goal.

When he got to the “finish line,” Braden crossed it under his own volition with the help of a walker. It was definitely a heartwarming end to the event.

(via KTLA)

If we had more people doing things like the Gandees, we’d definitely be living in a more aware and helpful world. Hopefully, their message will spread, and perhaps one day, there will be a cure for CP.

To find out more about the event, head to their Facebook page and read up on all the ways they are raising awareness.

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