These 25 Completely Absurd Jobs Are Also Completely Real. Seriously, What The?

Most kids dream of what they want to be when they grow up (and face it, most adults still think about who they want to be when they “grow up”). More often than not, children think about becoming firefighters, doctors, lawyers and astronauts. But what other jobs are out there that we could dream about? Photographer Nancy Rica Schiff took a peek into the lives of people working some of the strangest jobs you’ve probably never heard of. Did you know someone actually gets paid to smell other people’s armpits?

1. Dog Food Taster

2. Potato Chip Inspector

3. Page Turner

4. Odor Judge

5. Bull Semen Collector

6. Rubber Chicken Maker

7. Knife Thrower’s Assistant

8. Horse Dentist

9. Horse Chiropractor

10. Golf Ball Diver

11. Fish Counter

12. Dinosaur Duster

13. Coin Polisher

14. Artificial Inseminator

15. Mt. Rushmore Crack Filler

16. Condom Tester

17. Pollen Collector

18. Turtle Rescuer

19. Breath Odor Evaluator

20. Men’s Underwear Designer

21. Wig Maker

22. Coffin Builder

23. Bingo Caller

24. Wax Figure Maker

25. Crime Scene Photographer

If you want to see more strange jobs, Nancy wrote two books on the subject that include more of her photography: Odd Jobs and Odder Jobs. I’m now determined to make sure my future child is encouraged to be a wig maker or fish counter. Someone has to be! Source:

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