The Sanders Sides 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! | Sanders Sides

It’s Christmas time, and I wanted to make sure the time of year was celebrated with a little bit of creative gusto! Roman and Patton have each worked up a little special way to enjoy the holiday right, so hopefully all goes well!! And I hope you all enjoy this little end-of-year holiday gift! We appreciate all your amazing support!

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Thank you SO SO MUCH to my amazing friends, Joan and Talyn who worked SO HARD to make this video happen before Christmas!! From editing, to set, to props, to green screen, to lighting, to Joan’s co-writing, they have been incremental to this project and so many Sanders Sides videos!

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Thank you as well to my awesome friend, Jamahl, who played the music for the 12 Days of Christmas!

Jamahl’s Links:

Thank you also to my awesome friend, Foti, who helped record and mix the song!

Foti’s Links:

And big thanks to my awesome friend, Leo, who suggested the idea for this video!!

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