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17 Undeniable Reasons Pancake Day Is The Best Day Ever

Move over Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day is the only real reason February exists. 1. Valentine’s day is over! View this image › Universal Pictures 2. Which means only one thing – PANCAKE DAY! View this image › Fuse 3. Right in the middle of coldest, bleakest, grimmest February.. View this image › Disney 4. The world saw fit to bestow upon us the TREAT YO SELF of holidays… View this image › NBC 5. PANCAKE DAY! instagram.com […]

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FAKE BUT ACCURATE! Pollster slammed for defending viral Easter ‘fake news’ about Trump

A complete lie about Trump not attending church yesterday gets 31K+ retweets with no retraction/correction. Where's the fact-check outrage? https://t.co/01XF4IfTwI — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) April 17, 2017 Here’s a tweet that got a LOT of notice yesterday: The Obama's spent every Easter attending church service. Trump hasn't attended church once since his inauguration. Where's the GOP outrage? pic.twitter.com/5zOBO616LM — Matt McDermott (@mattmfm) April 16, 2017 Over 31k retweets and counting, but there’s just one problem with the […]

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