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24 Hours with 6 Kids on Christmas Day 2018

It’s Christmas!! This 24 hours with 6 kids on Christmas starts on Christmas Eve and ends the following night at bedtime. We enjoyed looking at Christmas lights, singing Christmas songs, watching movies together, eating a yummy family dinner, making gingerbread houses, and of course playing with new toys. The kids worked hard all year and it paid off because Santa was good to them! Thanks for watching our day! Get a personalized video from us to you! […]

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Deck the Halls – Kids Handbell Choir Family Christmas Song

Hi everyone! We are SO excited for you to hear our annual Christmas hand bell performance! I wrote the music out for the kids myself and they learned it faster than ever this year, so we decided to add singing and saxophone to our mix! The kids worked hard to be able to play this song perfectly and have been SUPER excited to share this video with you all. The especially cute part was how bad Owen […]

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