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Sisters Christmas Party 2019

HI SISTERS! Last week, I invited 25 of my fans over to my house for the first ever Sisters Christmas Party! It was one of the best days of my life and I was so grateful to get to know some of you beautiful people who support me every day! We made gingerbread houses, ate dinner, played white elephant with CRAZY gifts, and danced!! What fun things do you think we should do next year? Love you […]

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HI SISTERS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This year will be the first time I’m spending Christmas alone… so in order to not feel sad about myself, I forced all of my friends to send me presents! LOL JK, but I did ask all of my favorite YouTubers to send me one surprise makeup item, in order to challenge myself to create a full look. You’ll probably see some of your favorite creators, so enjoy, and don’t forget to thumbs […]

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