No Matter How Horrible Your Day Is Going, It’s Not Going As Bad As These People. OUCH.

No matter how bad your day has been, it’d be impossible to have a day worse than what these people are having. Maybe you didn’t get any tips or got dumped by your boyfriend, but at least you didn’t park your car in a pit of wet cement in front of an entire town. (We hope.)

1. This guy, who doesn’t understand physics and rain.

2. This athlete who fought against gravity, but gravity won.

3. This camper, who missed the “Beware, Lions” sign.

4. This man who parked in a sink hole.

5. This sports enthusiast who would later have a heart attack.

6. This driver who got himself in bit of a predicament.

7. This extremely unfortunate baseball player.

8. These girls who went swimming a little earlier than planned.

9. This driver, whose compact car couldn’t even save him.

10. The guy who parked too close to a cement truck.

11. This guy who took his picture with his too-drunk friend.

12. This woman, who missed some obvious and important signs.

13. This girl whose sunbathing was about to be ruined.

14. This girl who got an awful petting zoo experience.

15. The guy who parked on the wrong street at the wrong time.

16. This guy who ran into, then away from, a hippo.

17. The boy who didn’t like donkeys that got an unwelcome surprise.

18. The guy responsible for this awful parking job.

19. The guy who chose the wrong swing to ride in.

20. The genius who decided to transport paint the cheap way.

21. The guy who was terrible at home improvement.

22. This guy who loves off roading a little too much.

23. The parachuter who picked a really bad spot to land.

25. The guy who couldn’t quite figure out how to use a fork lift.

It’s impossible not to feel better about your own crappy day after seeing these.


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