In Aurora shooting coverage, MSM lags behind Twitter!/RockieG5/status/226586326873542656

On Twitter, six of James’ Holmes victims have been identified. Yet so far only four of these victims — Jessica Ghawi, Alex Sullivan, Matt McQuinn, and Micayla Medek — have been named by MSM outlets.

Our deepest condolences to the families of all those who were killed.


@TwitchyTeam MSM only has 4 names because thet vet all their info, unlike inter-webs. Now back to you, @BrianRoss #MSMfail

— Low Info Buffalo (@DeadBuffaloBlog) July 21, 2012


6th Aurora shooting victim named: Micayla Medek

5th Aurora shooting victim ID’d on Twitter: Matt McQuinn

Another possible Aurora shooting victim: A.J. Boik

Friends tweet name of third possible Aurora shooting victim: Alex Teves

Man still missing after Aurora shooting; Update: Alex Sullivan, 27, confirmed dead

Aurora shooting victim’s mom: Please get #RIPJessica trending

Aurora shooting victim Jessica Ghawi was tweeting just before her death; was present at mall shooting in Toronto six weeks ago

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