I Got Dumped On Christmas Eve

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Cece had never had a boyfriend, and actually, she had never heard anyone outside of her own family call her pretty or beautiful. In fact, mostly she had been teased about her weight and the way she looked.

But, all that changed for her when she was a Junior in high school – a boy she “liked” on Facebook reached out to her and they started talking and texting, a lot, and even though it was just over the phone, text and facebook, they got very close.

Finally, he asked her if she would be his girlfriend, and, even though it made her nervous – she had never actually met him – she said yes and from that moment on her life changed. It truly felt like love, first love!!!

They went to different schools but they talked and texted every single day, for months. Finally, as Winter came, she felt like they had to take the next step and finally see each other face-to-face. But, no matter how hard they tried to get together, it never seemed to work out. Either school got in the way, or the weather stopped them, and finally, on Christmas Eve she got THAT text – “we need to talk” – and she knew what that meant.

He dumped her, broke up with her, ended things, over text! And That was not on her Christmas wishlist / Christmas wish list. She was heartbroken, devastated, cried for hours, and finally told her Mom what had happened. And her Mom made it simple for her – Cece had a choice to make, either let the whole thing ruin Christmas for her, or, get through it and appreciate all her blessings and her family and let that all lift her up.

“I got dumped on Christmas Eve” is just one of many stories Cece will have in her life. There will be many more break ups, many more guys and many more Christmas holidays. But this one will always be remembered but one Christmas that was NOT ruined by a breakup. Everyone else got to talk about their haul but for Cece, “What I got for Christmas was a broken heart.” This may be a sad Christmas story today, but next year will be different for Cece.

Everyone’s got a story….we want to hear yours!

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