Fire alarm wakes DNC delegates at 3 a.m.; Republicans blamed, natch!/meghanstabler/status/242882727735595008

DNC delegates staying at the Great Wolf Lodge were awoken at 3 a.m. when a fire alarm roused them from their sweet, sweet dreams of Sandra Fluke and Fauxcahontas powwowing in giant vagina costumes.

3am false fire alarm at Tx #DNCDelegate #DNC2012 #CLT hotel. Made it all the way outside. All is ok just a little cranky.

— Jeff Strater (@jeffstrater) September 4, 2012

#DNC2012 3am fire alarm wake up. All clear but they are sweeping just in case.

— Celia Morgan (@celiadmorgan) September 4, 2012

FIRED UP! 3am false alarm @ Great Wolf Lodge in Concord. Delegates from TX, MD, MN, MT to be in super bitchy mood Tuesday #DNC #DNC2012 #CLT

— Brian Hamon (@demb0nes) September 4, 2012

Fire alarm caused the entire TX and MT delegations to evacuate the hotel…more to come. #DNC2012

— Elizabeth Lucero (@AnderLucero) September 4, 2012

Employees of the Great Wolf Lodge are investigating the nature of the alarms in the hotel. #TXDNC12 #DNC2012

— Huey Rey Fischer (@HueyFischer) September 4, 2012

#DNC2012 At 3:04 this morning the fire alarm went off at the Great Wolf Lodge – falsely – emptying the DEMs rooms

— DrDanni (@DrDanniG) September 4, 2012

You know who’s to blame?

Some Repub. set off the fire alarm in the Great Wolf Lodge! lol. #DNC2012 #txdnc12 #angrydelegates

— Tom Elliott (@trelliott) September 4, 2012

Is there no end to how far the tentacles of the Kochtopus extend? Will the Bush/Cheney cabal ever leave them in peace?

Fire alarm going off @ our TX Delegation Hotel-Great Wolf Lodge. Is it real, a wolf's prank or politico dirty trick? Ugh! #DNC2012

— Sylvia R. Garcia (@SenatorSylvia) September 4, 2012

Dirty politicos! Or, you know, maybe a kitchen fire.

Turns out there was a small kitchen fire, confirming my suspicions that Great Wolf Lodge truly is hell on earth. #DNC2012

— Elizabeth Lucero (@AnderLucero) September 4, 2012

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