Every Night, This Cat Brings Home The Most Unusual Treats For His Family.

Cats are known to bring home all sorts of nasty things as “gifts” to their owners. Usually a dead mouse or bird, which they proudly display for us. They don’t mean to be gross, these little prizes are just one of the few ways they can show us affection. Typically.

However, this cat in Australia has a much more adorable prey. Adopted by Shana Skinner and her family a year ago, this orange tabby recently decided to become a feline felon.

His name is Mufasa and his family was stumped as to how the indoor cat could have even gotten out to begin his life of crime.

The adventurous little guy even had to get past the family’s two large dogs in the backyard, something that ordinarily frightens him.

The lifted goods: over three weeks, Shana discovered these unidentified stuffed animals in her house.

After checking with her husband, she knew they weren’t brought in for their daughter by either of them.

The family finally found his escape route, a bathroom window, and plan to keep him on house arrest for a while.

(via The Dodo.)

Shana says she and her family feel guilty about the whole thing and have made attempts to find the toys rightful owners. Mufasa, however, is just proud of himself — and I’m with him. I mean, did you see the size of that teddy bear?

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