CHRiSTMAS vs THANKSGiViNG: Holiday Rap Battle (Brooklyn, Bailey, Rylan, and Friends)

Have y’all ever thought about who would win in an epic #RAPBATTLE between #Christmas and #Thanksgiving? Well, now YOU get to decide! 😂

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This week’s video is definitely a little bit different than what you will normally find on our channel, but we really hope that you’ll get a kick out of it.. I know we did. I thought that writing this rap was going to be difficult, but as soon as I started I couldn’t stop! Some of the rap battle videos on YouTube are HILARIOUS, so we just had to create one of our own. (This video was inspired by Whitney Avalon’s Princess Rap Battle series!)

It wouldn’t be a rap battle without backup dancers, so our college friends gladly volunteered! Christmas is supported by one of Santa’s reindeer (Megan), and a Christmas tree (Josh). Thanksgiving is backed up by an ear of corn (Payton), and of course, pumpkin pie (Bethany)! 😋 Comment down below which BACKGROUND character was your favorite!

Were you guys surprised when New Year’s (Rylan) made an entrance?? Of course escorted in by NYE party-goers (Emily & Bella), she was really throwing a lot of shade at Thanksgiving & Christmas! Maybe there needs to be a Round 2 so that they can fire back… What do y’all think?? 🤔

Now the real question is.. Who do you guys think WON the BATTLE? Comment below!!

💋’s -Bailey

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