You’ll Be Amazed When You See What’s Involved In Becoming A Sumo Wrestler.

Having a big body is not all it takes to become a sumo wrestler. A strong desire to win paired with an enormous frame isn’t enough, either. If you want to become a sumo wrestler, you must also go to school. Not just any school, but a sumo training school.

Sumo apprentices (those who aim to become sumo wrestlers) attend sumo school for six months. The curriculum is broken into two parts: training and education. During the training part, they learn wrestling techniques and how to behave on the mat, but the other part involves so much more. Take a look!  

Sumo school covers things that every wrestler should know, aside from trying to push an opponent outside of a circle.

Apprentices learn Japanese calligraphy, traditional songs, the history of sumo, and many classes found in high school.

The classes last about two hours each morning and shirts are not required.

Local experts on each subject teach most classes in the school.

There are no exams, but attendance is of the utmost importance.

Being a sumo wrestler is about much more than sumo wrestling.


“Everyone look down at their schedules and make sure they’re in the correct classroom.”

(via Kotaku)

Who knew becoming a sumo wrestler would be so difficult? Well, sumo wrestlers did, but they seem to know most things, thanks to this interesting school.

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