You won’t believe who’s taking selfies at Christmas mass [photos]!/kathrynlopez/status/415751717842477056

Yes, alas, it is a danger. Christmas selfies and Snapchat pics are spreading like a contagion.!/sarahkbrennan/status/415757611401625600!/saltandlighttv/status/415603126205304832

Ho, ho, hover over the phone in the middle of a church service? No, no, no! We say shut off all electronic devices and stop the madness for an hour or two. Please.!/keepinitt_REAL/status/415748581073489920!/ErinMHayes/status/415718374220378112

At least this church-goer had the decency to wait until after mass was finished.!/LiveTheHapyLife/status/415732099564703744

Oh, dear. Check this out. It looks like it’s not just parishioners posing in front of their cameras and indulging in the Culture of Selfie. Bless their hearts.!/BrettonLuree/status/415754292373377024!/clareeseann/status/415735538277048320

Wearing her Christmas best? Sigh.!/keegan_gray3/status/415730863473950720

Out. Of. Control.!/AlexxxisE/status/415749670611079168

And rightly so. Christmas mass needs more #MichelleObamaDeathStare.


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