What Happened To This Shark Will Scare You Away From The Water Forever.

When you think of “dangerous ocean animals,” your mind probably jumps to sharks, jellyfish and squid first, right? Those creatures are notoriously dangerous. Maybe they don’t kill humans that often, but they are a huge threat to other animals. 

What you probably don’t realize, though, is that they aren’t the only giant predators in the sea. Meet the giant grouper. This overgrown fish can reach up to 9ft in length and can weigh about 880lbs. It is an absolute monster, and feeds on a variety of marine life, including small sharks and sea turtles. 

This is a giant grouper.

It is beyond terrifying, even if it will never, ever hurt a human.

A fisherman happened to be out on the open waters, reeling in a catch, when he bumped into a local grouper.

At first, the fish was just a shadow.


Well, you’ll just have to see what happened next.

When you see what happened, you’re going to wish you didn’t. This is so creepy: 

(H/T Gizmodo)

Since shark is typically on the giant grouper’s menu, the fish decided to grab a quick and easy lunch from the fisherman. Although groupers aren’t a threat to humans, this footage definitely convinced me to stay out of the waters. 

If sharks are in danger, that does that say about me? I can’t even swim without wearing floaties. 

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