Welcome to the Twittersphere, Dave Chappelle


Well, here he is, one of the funniest men in the comedy world, Dave Chappelle. Although he’s only sent 10 tweets so far, it’s worth noting that all 10 of those tweets have been retweeted at least 50 times each. Pretty impressive. Let the jokes begin.

Chinese Riddle: If a man does not tweet does he exist?

— David Chappelle (@DaveChappelle) March 20, 2012

I would have put David Chappelle as my name, but it was taken. F'n impostors. This is my second tweet ever. Can I follow myself?

— David Chappelle (@DaveChappelle) March 20, 2012

This one is possibly the best so far:


I am up to 4 followers! It's been a great ride!

— David Chappelle (@DaveChappelle) March 21, 2012

Like I have anticipated- my following has more than doubled to eleven people. The power of visualization….

— David Chappelle (@DaveChappelle) March 21, 2012

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