This Woman Turned Her Lights Off For Bed But Was Awoken By Something Sinister

Even if you’re not the least bit afraid of the dark, when you find yourself alone at night in bed, the slightest noise probably sets you off.

What was that? Is there someone outside? Is there someone INSIDE?

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I find that the quickest way to quell these irrational thoughts is to pull my dog close and pray for morning. Generally, I don’t have an issue getting there. BUT, when I watched what happened to this woman after she turned off her lights before going to bed, I can’t help but wonder if she made it to the a.m…


While nothing is known about the woman or where this was taken, I can only hope the video is a hoax. And if not, I imagine she moved the next morning.

I have a camera in my living room that I turn on when I’m away, and I know how spooky it is when you get alerts that something moved only to look at the footage and not see anything…

From now on, I think I’ll sleep with a nightlight.

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