This Pregnant Woman Quickly Pulled Over. What Happened Next Was Amazing.

On May 21, Corinne Cinatl, 29, from Victoria, Australia gave birth to her baby girl Matilda in her car at the side of the road while enroute to the hospital. She and her husband had hoped to make the 35 minute trip, but baby Matilda decided she could not wait that long. Cinatl’s husband, Mishi pulled the car over when her water broke and helped delivered the baby right there in the car. Luckily the couple’s birth photographer had been following them on the way to the hospital and captured the whole thing.

Cinatl said she had been having pain in her ribs for two weeks prior. So she thought nothing of it when she woke up around 3am with the same pain.

When stretching didn’t help and the pain intensified, Cinatl realized she was having contractions. Baby Matilda was on her way.

Cinatl was hesitant to believe she was actually going into labor. “I thought I had more time,” she said.

When her husband saw the contractions were coming faster and about 4 minutes apart, he packed up the car and got ready to leave. He also notified the birth photographer, Breanna Gravener that the baby was coming.

With their three year old son, Charlie, in the car the family only got about 20 minutes into the 35 minute trip to the hospital.

Cinatl’s water broke and she said she could feel the baby’s head between her legs. That was when they pulled off the road to deliver right there in the car.

They didn’t know their birth photographer had gone to their house first and followed them on the way to the hospital “just in case something happened.”

Luckily for the Cinatl’s she was there to capture the unique miracle of baby Matilda’s birth.

After the birth they called an ambulance, and both mommy and baby were so healthy they were discharged from the hospital six hours later.

That’s one proud mother.

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