This Is The Most Devoted Couple, Ever. They Never Spent A Day Apart From Each Other…Even In Death.

A couple in England spent the last 68 years completely devoted to one another, never spending a day apart. Not even death could separate the love birds: at age 91 and 92, George and Dorothy Doughty died within hours of each other from two completely different causes.

George was already in intensive care for a chest infection when his wife was admitted for shingles a couple days later and, sadly unable to fight the infection, passed away. George had been sedated and was completely unaware of his wife’s condition. He passed exactly 10 hours later.

The couple met after George sent his condolences to Dorothy when she lost her first husband (of only four months) in World War II.

When they met in person for the first time, George carried and newspaper and Dorothy carried a rose.

They shared the same wedding anniversary as the Queen and even went to London for her garden party to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in 1997.

George worked as a baker and Dorothy ran a hair salon with one of their sons. After retirement, they focused on their family.

The couple had two sons, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

H/T: Daily Mail.

Wow. They could make a movie about this couple and their enduring love.

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