This Guy’s Boss Has A Heaven’s Gate Death Shroud In The Office…Normal

For anyone old enough to remember, the story of the Heaven’s Gate religious organization is more than a little disturbing. To refresh your memory, Heaven’s Gate is what many would consider to be a religious suicide cult. Its members believed that Earth was on the verge of being destroyed, and that humanity’s only chance for survival was to escape to a hidden alien ship that was conveniently lurking behind the moon.

However, escape in this case didn’t mean physical escape, but spiritual escape. In 1997, all 39 members of the organization committed suicide at their headquarters in San Diego, California.

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In the months that followed the mass suicide, the media became obsessed with the group and its ideology. For some, the constant coverage translated into a lifelong fascination.

Pieces of Heaven’s Gate memorabilia, such as this authentic Heaven’s Gate uniform, are rare finds, so they always fetch high prices. This particular piece currently resides in Redditor fracasfoam‘s office.

Apparently, his boss likes to collect random (and extremely morbid) things.

(via Reddit)

As a connoisseur of creepiness myself, I’d be very interested to know just how much that uniform cost. I wonder if the fact that someone died in it brings the value up or down.

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