This Family Lets Their Donkey Live Inside The House. And It’s So Adorable.

A home just isn’t a home without a pet. When you have a pet, you have a small, fuzzy being that loves you, no matter what. It looks forward to greeting you when you get home. Eventually, you’ll grow to love just as much as any other member of your family. 

But Dawn and Chris Wegener of Missouri clearly had more love in their hearts than just one dog could handle, so they welcomed another and more unusual pet…

This is Joplin, a donkey who lives indoors. Here he is watching one of his favorite TV shows.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

As a baby, Joplin suffered illnesses that led his owners to allow him inside. As he grew up, he just assumed that was where he was meant to be.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

The family dog doesn’t seem to get that Joplin is just as much apart of their home as he is.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

He clearly enjoys watching television and keeping warm by the fireplace.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

Maybe the pup is jealous that he’s not as skilled as Joplin at opening doors.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

He’s less helpful when it comes to office work, however.

J.B. Forbes / Polaris

(via BuzzFeed.)

Dang, now I want a pet donkey. I kind of doubt my landlord would be cool with me bringing one home, though. 

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