This Abandoned Cat’s Recovery Will Make You Cry Sad And Happy Tears.

Warning: the beginning of this gallery is a little difficult to take in.

This poor little guy was abandoned and clearly suffering from malnutrition when he was found by some very caring individuals. Those individuals helped nurse him back to health, and documented the whole thing in pictures.

Take a look at this amazing recovery. 

His fur was so matted that it was beyond salvaging.

There’s the tiny little guy that was hiding under all that grub!

He doesn’t seem thrilled about having it all taken off though.

Look at those big eyes! And so squeaky clean.

See, that wasn’t too bad little fella.

He’s already looking so much healthier.

His new friends even shared their food with him.

His fur started growing back, little by little.

His owners also knew how to keep him warm in the meantime.

Almost there…

Finally, a full recovery! Just look at this gorgeous gato.

(via Izismile.)

Such a handsome fella! It’s amazing how cruel some people are, like those who abandoned him, but it’s even more amazing to realize the generosity in others. 

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