These Complicated Things Are Actually Really Simple If You Look At Them Like This.

Our world is full of mysterious and strange things. (And I’m not talking about Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster, either.) There are many things in our normal, every day lives that become so complicated when you attempt to explain them. However, if you look at those ideas in a certain way, everything will become clear…

Like this!

1.) This isn’t super nice of them, though.

2.) This actually makes them kind of scarier.

3.) Small, wet land boats!

4.) Whoa, that’s meta. (And they use meta tags!)

5.) So simple, but so deadly.

6.) Sometimes you just need a tune-up.

7.) Make the “red stuff” go away.

8.) Shocking, but true.

9.) The most obedient invention. (Until you get a rainbow wheel.)

10.) Maturity means filling out a lot of paperwork.s

11.) First is the worst in this situation.

12.) The most useless emotion, really.

13.) Or, perpetually successful clumsiness.

14.) Usually because you were mean to it.

15.) It’s basically that game “telephone” you played as a kid, but people get paid to do it.

16.) Whether or not those dreams come true is a different story.

(H/T: Piximus and Reddit.)

Now go and impress your friend with your vast knowledge. You’ve earned it.r

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