Sylvester Stallone gleefully announces ‘Willis out, Harrison Ford in!’!/scottEweinberg/status/364842624454111234

It certainly looks like Sylvester Stallone just called his (now ex?) “Expendables 3″ co-star lazy and greedy. Judging by Stallone’s tweet, Bruce Willis, who was to star in the third “Expendables” film, is expendable after all, and Harrison Ford is now on board the project, which is due for release next August.!/TheSlyStallone/status/364832393175105536

Is that second tweet in the soon-to-be-deleted pile? Who knows? Maybe a manic Sly was just offering some general life advice to his fans. Yeah, maybe that’s what he was doing.!/Jaygreg1989/status/364845967289225216!/shawnlevy/status/364844030800052224!/PatrickRipoll/status/364843826470330369!/jpalmiotti/status/364843581413924864

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