Strangers Stepped Up To Save The Day…Or Make It A Little Worse. You Decide.

When people can remain anonymous, they have the greatest incentive to be horrible to their fellow man. On the flip side, they could also be the greatest human beings on the planet. No one will ever know the things they do. You can also learn more about the true character of an anonymous person through their acts and approach to anonymity. How someone acts when they can’t get caught is when you see who they really are.

How do you think these people did? Did you think anonymity helped them in these situations, or just made them awful people?

1.) Ya, but you still DID it!

2.) P.S., You’re welcome.

3.) Everyone’s a critic.

4.) Citizen of…what?

5.) Never forget.

6.) He really hates that guy.

7.) Comic Sans. Amateur.

8.) Someone Googled it!

9.) Fact!

10.) There’s no autocorrect for real life.

11.) At least they signed it…

12.) Bahaha!

13.) Liam Neeson couldn’t have said it any better.

14.) Speaking of…

15.) LOLOL.

16.) Not cool, man.

17.) There’s honesty, and then there’s this.

18.) Umm, gross.

19.) “Drop the pie.”

20.) $50 seems a bit much.

21.) Pretty sure he doesn’t understand what the Nobel Peace? Prize is for.

22.) Hello, sir. You’re hired.

23.) The first step is admitting you’re wrong.

24.) Ewwwwwwww.

25.) It’s like Cinemax, radio edition.

(via 22 Words)

Half fail. Half hilarious. All awesome. That’s your final grade. And yet, I can’t stop laughing. Bravo, anonymous people!

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