Plus-Size Models Prove Powerful Point About Photoshop With One Image

Countless young girls look up to the models and celebrities they read about in magazines or see on TV, wishing they could look like their idols.

What some don’t realize is that in real life, these men and women don’t completely match their digital appearances. That’s because images of famous people we see featured in magazines, commercials, and even on social media are more often than not altered to fit society’s definition of beauty. With programs like Photoshop, perfection is only a few clicks away.

With this in mind, plus-size models Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe set out to showcase just how extreme photo-editing can get, especially in the modeling industry.

The two women posed for a photo together, asking their photographer, Karizza, to demonstrate how much Photoshop can change one’s body. Here’s the edited photo.

This is the original unedited image. While Sirokai and Thorpe say they think they look great in both photos, only one of them is truly authentic.

“The purpose of this was to show you all how magazines and the media take editing to a different level,” Sirokai wrote. “Models and celebrities do not even look like themselves. We live in such a fake world it’s time to bring real back. Own who you are and slay!”

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“We want to show women that it’s okay to look ‘normal,’ to have cellulite, stretch marks, and tummies that aren’t flat and toned,” Thorpe added. “Be happy with you who you are and the skin you are in.”

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