Look Like A Normal Wedding To You? Trust Me, It’s Far From It.

Kyle Froelich and Chelsea Clair recently were married, but exchanging wedding vows was a little boring for them. Serious commitments are a breeze for these two. Agreeing to be married for the rest of their lives wasn’t a big deal – after all, they’ve already cheated death together.

Kyle was only 19 when his kidneys began to fail. He was desperate to find a donor, but none of his family or friends were a match. But then, he met his angel.

Chelsea met Kyle through a friend and offered him her kidney. She was a match. Six months later they went under surgery together.

Four years after that, they tied the knot. They became one emotionally after already sharing the gift of life.

Now, they are happily married sharing every precious moment of life together. They even celebrate the anniversary of the kidney transplant, a day they call “Sparkypalooza.” (Because they named the kidney Sparky.)

Sharing your last name is one thing, but sharing your kidney? Now THAT’S loyalty.


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