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Best kids Christmas songs playlist featuring appropriate, fun and upbeat music. Sing along to your favorite Christmas music and fill your heart with the joy of Christmas. The Christmas lyrics are fabulous for kids to sing along with. Great kidโ€™s songs for home, school, church and preschool performances! ๐ŸŽตSubscribe:

1. Jingle Bells 0:00
2. Jingle Bell Rock 1:34
3. Deck the Halls 3:32
4. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 5:30
5. 12 Days of Christmas 7:10
6. Christmas is a Season of Love 11:20
7. We All Clap Hands Together 14:12
8. A Chubby Little Snowman 15:02
9. Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney 15:25
10. Pop, Bang, Crack 16:26
11. He Has a Red Red Coat 17:34
12. Five Mince Pies 18:21
13. I’m a Little Snowman 20:18
14. I’m a Little Star 20:43
15. I Can See a Christmas Tree 21:58
16. In France They Have Pere Noel 22:39
17. O Christmas Tree 25:20
18. Ring Ring Ring the Bells 27:07
19. Pohutukawa Tree 28:05
20. When Santa Comes to My House 28:57

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Jingle Bell Rock:
Written by: Beal/Booth
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