I’ve Never Seen Anything So Heartbreaking In My Life. But It’s Completely Beautiful At The Same Time.

If you think dogs don’t have emotions, you’re about to be proven dead wrong. Two three month-old puppies were spotted in the middle of the street in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, refusing to move. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the grey puppy was deceased, presumably hit by a car, and her brother wouldn’t leave her.

The puppy’s sister was hit in the middle of the street. She was killed, but he refused to leave her side.

For days, he stayed by her side and barked if anyone got too close to her body.

Even when a hole was dug for her body, her brother jumped in and refused to leave.

Eventually, the local animal shelter collected this heartbroken puppy, buried his sister and began caring for him.

If you want to see true love and loyalty, just find a dog. They know how to love from the depths of their souls.


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