If You Think This Is Your Average Beach Resort, Look Closer. Because This Is Pretty Insane.

Looks can be deceiving, even for something as big and as seemingly obvious as a beach. What you see below is NOT a well manicured tourist beach in Japan. It’s something much different. If you like going to the beach, but don’t fancy going into the water (because that’s where the sharks live), then there is a resort in Japan that is just for you. This is the SeaGaia Ocean Dome, the world’s largest indoor water park. Basically, it is an enormous man-made beach.

The Ocean Dome holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest indoor water park.

It’s 300 meters long and 100 meters wide.

The perfectly regulated water is approximately 86 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round.

Unlike the real ocean, the Dome features some specialty pools, a wave pool for surfers, kiddie pools, water slides and perfect weather.

There are also numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and other activities inside the SeaGaia area. You wouldn’t have to go far to be entertained (even if the real coastline is close by).

When swimming in the Ocean Dome, you wouldn’t have to worry about jellyfish, sharks, stepping on coral or any of the hazards you would at the coast.

Plus, if you have sensitive skin it would be easy to stay out of the sun, as the entire dome is covered in a retractable roof.

There are some parts of going to the beach that are hard for people to appreciate (myself included). Don’t feel bad that there is real coastline less than a mile away from the SeaGaia resort. When people go to SeaGaia, it’s not for the fresh air. They go so that their senses can be completely fooled and they can enjoy all of the amenities of a record-breaking water park. Via Excitris Share this awesome park and dream of warm weather.

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