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How to say “Merry Christmas”?

To say “Merry Christmast,” you say, “Wesłego bożego narodzenia.”

“Wesłego bożego narodzenia.”

So it’s three words, and let’s work on those words separately.

The fist word, “wesłego,” the Ws sounds like Vs, so it’s “veso-wego.”

Ls with a line through them is an accent that turns the L into “wo,” so “ve-so-we-go.” “Wesołego .”

The second word, “bożego,” “bo-że-go.”

A dot on top of the Z, turns it into a “zhe,” “bo-zhe-go.”

And the third word, “narodzenia,” “na-ro-dze-nia.” “Na-ro-dze-nia.”

So “Wesłego bożego narodzenia.”

At full speed, “Wesłego bożego narodzenia.”

Very good.

To ask “What do you want for Christmas?” you say, “Co chcesz na święta?”

“Co chcesz na święta?”

So let’s break this one down.

“Co”– then in the Polish language, a CH, the C is silent, so it’s just H.

“Hcesh”– the SZ makes a “sh” sound, “hcesh.”

“Chcesz na święta” — an S with a line on top is the accent that turns it to “sh,” then the W is the V, and then the E makes an “ehw,” so “sh-vyeta.” “Sh-vyeta.” “Święta.”

“Tso hcesh na sh-vyeta.”

At full speed it should sound like this: “Co Chcesz na święta?”

Go ahead. Now you ask me.

The list is too long, but thanks for asking. That was great.

That’s how you say “Merry Christmas.”