Friend of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng tweets about China’s threats to family!/zengjinyan/status/197659737779748864

VOA has more:

A close associate of a blind Chinese dissident who left U.S. protection in Beijing Wednesday has posted a series of notes on Twitter, saying the press has gotten the story wrong about Chen Guangcheng.

Zeng Jinyang, the wife of activist Hu Jia and a friend of Chen’s, says the dissident lawyer felt pressured to leave the U.S. embassy.

Senior U.S. officials in Beijing who helped negotiate Chen’s case say the activist left the diplomatic compound of his own free will. In a background briefing with reporters, the officials said Chen consistently stated his desire to stay and work in China.

But at about 8 p.m. in Beijing Wednesday, Zeng tweeted in English and Chinese that Chen said he and his family were willing to leave the country. However, she said he felt compelled to abandon the U.S. embassy because he feared for his family’s safety.

That account echoes an interview Chen gave the Associated Press.

Spoke briefly with @zengjinyan She said tweets were hers but couldn't speak further. "It's a big risk," she said.

— Austin Ramzy (@austinramzy) May 2, 2012

For Chen Guangcheng, being told his family would be sent back to Shandong is probably the same as saying they would be assaulted.

— Tom Lasseter (@TomLasseter) May 2, 2012

RT @alexa_ol: Chinese transcript of Chen Guangcheng and his wife talking with rights lawyer and friend Teng Biao

— Nicholas Bequelin 林伟 (@Bequelin) May 2, 2012

Question is not whether Chen Guangcheng decided to leave U.S. Embassy. He clearly did. Question is if he did so b/c of threat to his family.

— Tom Lasseter (@TomLasseter) May 2, 2012

More: Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng tells @AP he was told Chinese officials would have killed his wife had he not left embassy – @AP

— Breaking News (@BreakingNews) May 2, 2012

Chen Guancheng tells #c4news – Nobody from the (US) Embassy is here (the hospital). I don't understand why. They promised to be here.

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

Chen Guangcheng goes on to say – My biggest wish is to leave the country with my family and rest for a while. I haven't had a Sunday in 7yrs

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

#c4news asked Chen Guangcheng – Did you go to the hospital because of medical emergency?..Answer-(1/2) No. I came because of an agreement.

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

(2/2) I was worried about the safety of my family. A gang of them have taken over our house, sitting in our room and eating at our table.

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

Chen Guangcheng went on to say They are waving thick sticks around. They've turned our home into a prison…

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

… with 7 cameras and electric fence all around. #c4news #chenguangcheng

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

When Chen Guangcheng was asked What do you want to tell the world? Answer – that I want to leave China with my family for a while. #c4news

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

More on the #ChenGuangcheng story #c4news

— John Sparks (@c4sparks) May 2, 2012

Chinese human rights campaigners like @YaxueCao say US abandoned Chen, left him to fend for himself, betrayed them.

— (@LifeNewsHQ) May 2, 2012

China threatened to kill Chen Guangcheng's wife if he didn't stay in the country pro-life #prolife #abortion

— (@LifeNewsHQ) May 2, 2012

@MittRomney Seize the opportunity! Press administration, help Chen Guangcheng, my vote & many others' will go to you! As simple as that.

— Yaxue Cao (@YaxueCao) May 2, 2012

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