Foul Bob Beckel sneers at ‘myth’ of the Greatest Generation [video]!/jd_nyc/status/304402472150130689

Yes, he did.

Beckel put down America’s Greatest Generation on O’Reilly last night.

— Gordon Stanley (@Greermillion) February 21, 2013

Not content with being a cretinous misogynist who trivialized date rape and suggested that campus rapes are mythical, Bob Beckel again took to television to expose his foulness. This time, by typical liberal disparaging of America’s Greatest Generation.

Contemptible, Beckel. As usual. And once again he was saved by a host, who cut him off before he could really get going. Stop doing that. Let him fully expose himself, again and again.

Bob Beckel saying the WWll generation was not the greatest generation what jerk. The fought so a what ever the hell his is can whine on TV.

— E R S (@deputy627) February 21, 2013

So @robertgbecket just got done ranting on @oreillyfactor about how the greatest generation was not the great…yeah ok cc @tombrokaw

— Matt Sauvage (@mattsauvage) February 21, 2013

Bob,You besmirched the Greatest Generation.Christ!A lot of your generation ran off to Canada.You arrogant dumbbell..

— Carter Swart (@bullreigh) February 21, 2013

Did you hear Beckel disparaging The Greatest Generation on the @oreillyfactor??Beckel is a mean, despicable man.

— Susan(@AlwayzSusan) February 21, 2013

How many times will Beckel be allowed to spew garbage? When will enough be enough? Evidently, the following isn’t enough:


But keep smearing the Greatest Generation, Bob, while you sit on your duff and continue to spew your hateful bile.

What’s next in Beckel’s cretinous repertoire? Stay tuned, sadly.

H/T @JD_Nyc


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