Ed Schultz, libs unhappy with David Plouffe for suggesting entitlement reform


We’re all familiar with the Obama administration’s “I won” approach to compromise, but White House senior advisor David Plouffe today earned the scorn of liberals when video of him naming Medicare and Medicaid as the chief drivers of the deficit made the rounds. MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was among those trying to reel Plouffe back from the edge of reality.

Those aren’t the talking points the Left wanted to hear. Time for a trip to reeducation camp?

Please @thedemocrats @senatedems GET David Plouffenew TALKING points on #FiscalCliff he’s got ppl worked up abt GRAND BARGAIN Deal #EdShow

— Cyn Hussein Obama (@Wary12) November 27, 2012

#edshow Heh. David Plouffe…snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hey, David? WE WON – start acting like it. #GroverIsOver

— Kate Yes We Did!!(@LeftsideAnnie) November 27, 2012

David Plouffe needs some testosterone pills. Lousy Negotiator. #FiscalCliff has nothing to do with medicare, Soc. Security or Obamacare.

— Politicolnews (@Politicolnews) November 27, 2012

Testosterone pills? Are those covered?


Plouffe’s comments today are BS and a reason for concern. You don’t start negotiate from the middle, especially with these terrorist.

— BWD (@theonlyadult) November 27, 2012

Tweeps send the @whitehouse a STRONG MESSAGE! You want our support? Support us! DON’T BACK DOWN!! Tell David Plouffe to sit down!

— AlinaJo 47%’er! (@ItsAlinaJo) November 27, 2012

David Plouffe out tonight caving on Social Security?? After all we did? Areyou kidding me? @barackobama @housedemocrats @senatedems

— McBlondeLand (@McBlondeLand) November 27, 2012

Though he’s only now being taken to task, Plouffe made the remarks Nov. 14 at an appearance at the University of Delaware.

For months we’ve been told the debt is due to wars and tax cuts but then out of the blue David Plouffe tells the real, actual truth. Why?

— Kevin Eder (@keder) November 27, 2012

@keder My guess? Plouffe said that because they will argue Obamacare “saves money” for those programs and thus can’t be touched.

— Michael Blum (@MichaelBlum3) November 27, 2012

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