Coming soon to your nonsectarian holiday tree: Liberal Christmas presents!/Mattphilbin/status/276849370257838080

‘Tis the season for nondescript winter gifts, and in the spirit of the solstice, conservatives are helping our liberal friends pick the perfect ideologically compatible gift. So, whether you have a Festivus Pole or a sustainably farmed ChrismaHanuKwanzaaKah Shrub, #LiberalChristmasPresents can help you find a present that the liberal in your life will treasure for a lifetime.

#liberalchristmaspresents No limit credit card, bill forwarded to great grandchildren.

— SmokeEater (@SmokeEater1978) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents a Bon fire of 24+ oz soda cups and dessert recipe cards and cookbooks.

— Wanda Woman (@alphaMOMster) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents Can’t be coal in a stocking since they are shutting down coal…I guess it would be a stocking full of Algae Fuel

— Graham(@PoofImGraham) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents Cradle to Grave. The newest government sponsored board game

— Craig Bowden (@CraigBowden2020) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents 1 yr gift enrollment to PETA’S new Tofu of the Month club

— Deborah (@Berrygirl82) December 7, 2012

#liberalchristmaspresents Permission from Al Sharpton & JesseJackson 2 be racist towards black conservatives. Then again, that’s everyday.

— Shaughn (@Shaughn_A) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents Monogramed Biden Sippy Cup

— Leyla (@LeylaGOP) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents An automatic weapon from Eric Holder’s-Fast & Furious Collection® catalogue! #RememberBrianTerry #ImprisionHolder

— Imaumbn™ (@Imaumbn) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents Rachel Maddow Chia Pet

— GTJessop (@murgatr0id) December 6, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents Sand snorkels. A must have! (How else do they live w their heads are buried in the ground?)…

— Lurabyss (@Lurabyss) December 7, 2012

#LiberalChristmasPresents A big Carbon Tax on the lump of Coal in their Christmas stocking! Who needs electricity when you live in the dark?

— Buck (@IH8Commies) December 7, 2012

A free month of birth control! It’s called Get Your Fluke On! #LiberalChristmasPresents

— Alberto Pardo (@BestSocialPrgrm) December 6, 2012

We hope that our left-wing readers found this list helpful in making this nonsectarian season joyful. Conservatives, these could make 2012 a nonreligious holiday to remember for that special socialist in your life. You know, like that annoying dude at the office who’s always busting on you about socialized medicine or the Israeli “apartheid state.” Just sayin’.

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