Chicago Cubs mascot unveiled to negative reviews [pics]!/TroyRenck/status/422865655184896000

The Chicago Cubs have chosen the first mascot in the team’s modern history:!/SportsCenter/status/422856640128241664

So far the reviews are mostly negative with a high degree of mockery:!/MLBMeme/status/422862164886421504!/mcgregor2014/status/422857294771404800!/hughhewitt/status/422848298714546176!/iowahawkblog/status/422849930781134848!/mattufford/status/422841275780304896!/SoJewlzz/status/422876335136985088!/MichelleHoeing/status/422875997591969793!/JWAnimation/status/422875612307410944

Blame the new mascot #Cubs fans!
(h/t @Deadspin)

.— MLB Memes (@MLBMeme) January 13, 2014

Are Cubs’ struggles now a thing of the past?!/DanielHuff1/status/422850721885986817

The Cubs mascot, Clark, was reportedly designed with the help of focus groups, if that helps answer any questions.

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