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Senator: denying climate change doesn’t violate federal law

We have some good news, and then some more good news. First, the nationmight be spared Sheldon Whitehouse’s weekly speech on climate change, as the senator from Rhode Island along with a presidential entourage so large we fear it could tip over and capsize the island caught a fossil fuel-burning flight to Cuba and is currently meeting with imprisoned dissidents. What’s that? Sorry, we meant to say he’s currently taking selfies and admiring Cuba’s architecture. Time for […]

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20 People Who Shared Way, Way Too Much On Social Media…Please Just Tell Me Why

As a card-carrying member of Generation Y, I can tell you that social media has become indelibly tied to everyday life. And as a card-carrying member of Generation Y, I can tell you that it is maddening at worst and irritating at best. Whether people post bizarre Father’s Day updates written to dads without Facebook or feel the need to tell Twitter about their bowel movements (which is, in fact, a thing that happens), young people are […]

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“Enough Is Enough”: Education Investor Denounces Meddling Journalists

A series of Chicago Sun-Times articles have raised questions about Chicago school board member Deborah Quazzo, a prominent education technology investor. Now, Quazzo is saying the newspaper crossed a line. View this image › GSV Advisors founder and managing partner Deborah Quazzo speaks during at the New York Times Schools For Tomorrow Conference. Getty Images for The New York Times Neilson Barnard In an email yesterday, a prominent education technology investor encouraged industry supporters to fight back […]

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‘No ban imposed on journalists in reporting court proceedings’

“There is no ban imposed on the journalists from attending and reporting court proceedings,” the release said.The meeting also discussed the issue of journalists getting access to High Court orders fr Read more:

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