Breaking: Pakistani airplane intercepted by RAF after emergency signal; Police arrest 2 men!/SkyNewsBreak/status/337921450696658945

Twitchy will monitor and update as news breaks.!/itvnews/status/337924272003633152!/Daninthebuslane/status/337923663934394370

More from Guardian news editor Dan Sabbagh, who suggests the incident is not terror-related:!/dansabbagh/status/337921400809603072!/dansabbagh/status/337923473773039616

Similar report from Reuters:!/mpoppel/status/337925050147696640

The Associated Press reports the pilot is still out of contact.!/AP/status/337928508451999744

The latest word: There have reportedly been two men arrested for “suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft.”!/mpoppel/status/337929646337298432

Essex Police confirm:!/EssexPoliceUK/status/337929292036071426

More from the Essex Police:!/EssexPoliceUK/status/337941569464332288

Police say no suspicious items have been recovered.!/EssexPoliceUK/status/337969078092328960

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