Albert Brooks gets pushback after blaming NRA for Santa Barbara murders!/bob_owens/status/470715531793027072

In Santa Barbara, California yesterday, Elliot Rodger allegedly stabbed three people to death and shot and killed three others before taking his own life.

You might be able to guess who actor, director and comedian Albert Brooks thinks is to blame for the horrible killings:!/AlbertBrooks/status/470704418930040833

The NRA is at fault? Many were having none of Brooks’ blame-game:!/LouisOfDaytwa/status/470705912689094656!/RandomlyBob/status/470708010948767744!/RickMoore/status/470710267337527297!/GPollowitz/status/470717567426772992

Does Brooks also blame the NRA for the three people Rodger allegedly stabbed to death?!/JohnLPitts/status/470705884356939776!/DocWashburn/status/470708601426690048



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