Actor Joshua Malina: That ‘West Wing’ movie? ‘It’s not happening’!/JoshMalina/status/225971346650320896

Hopes dashed!

This morning actor Joshua Malina — known henceforth as He Who Crushes Dreams — hinted at big news.

I will tweet an update on The West Wing Movie some time in the next half hour!

— Joshua Malina (@JoshMalina) July 19, 2012

But alas, the actor who played Will Bailey on “The West Wing” was just messing with the Twitterverse.

@JoshMalina how can you play me like that!?!

— Adam Campbell (@acinthepack) July 19, 2012

understandable but dissapointing RT @markknoller: Actor @JoshMalina tweets this morning that a West Wing movie is "not happening."

— Matt Johnston (@VideoByMatt) July 19, 2012

@JoshMalina boo!! #WestWingMovie

— Marc Grisar (@Grisar1) July 19, 2012

@JoshMalina that just broke my heart

— Rabiya Javed (@RabiyaJ) July 19, 2012

@JoshMalina That's sad:( A West Wing movie would be awesome.

— Tammy Watson (@Tamashay) July 19, 2012

Some are still holding on to the dream … at Malina’s expense.

@JoshMalina Maybe they're just not telling you.

— Steve Mirsky (@SteveMirsky) July 19, 2012

@JoshMalina It is, they just didn't tell you that Will was executed for treason, which will be explained over a laugh track. #WestWingMovie

— IT Tyrant (@pbagosy) July 19, 2012

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