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‘Problem with values and morals’: Chicago weatherman nails failure of gun control

http://twitter.com/#!/keebs29/status/458211627808997376 Crazy, indeed. This past Easter weekend in Chicago, a series of shootings left at least 36 people wounded and at least nine people dead. http://twitter.com/#!/ColonelTribune/status/458270259007733760 Tragically, violence still reigns in one America’s biggest gun control havens. Maybe, just maybe, gun control isn’t as effective as its proponents want us to believe. Local WGN Morning News meteorologist Paul Konrad can’t help but wonder: http://twitter.com/#!/PaulKonrad/status/458209883972988928 Here’s his full message, via his verified Facebook page: A. Men. Though Konrad’s numbers differ somewhat […]

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‘Dispute’ at concert leaves 25 shot, 3 injured at Little Rock nightclub, Republican wack jobs blamed

As of Saturday afternoon, no one has died, thankfully, after 25 were shot and 3 injured after shooting broke out overnight at a Little Rock, Ark., nightclub. (Numbers have been updated since the initial reports.) 17 people shot at downtown Little Rock hip hop concert overnight. The latest through the day on @KATVNews. https://t.co/W1g8DtFGoQ — Chris May (@KATVChrisMay) July 1, 2017 At least 25 people were shot and several others injured at a nightclub in Arkansas early […]

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Shannon R. Watts lashes out at CNN anchor for not politicizing killing spree

http://twitter.com/#!/DLoesch/status/470711710358450176 This past weekend, CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick led a panel discussion about Elliot Rodger’s killing spree: Here’s what Feyerick said: “It’s got to be about mental health, and not firearms.” Seems reasonable enough. After all, Rodger suffered from major mental health problems, and three of his six murder victims were stabbed, not shot. But Feyerick’s attempt to keep the discussion focused on Rodger’s highly disturbed nature didn’t fly with Moms Demand Action founder Shannon R. Watts, who was […]

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