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Simple Loopy Bow DIY Christmas Tree Topper Mailbox Swag

Hi Everyone, In this video I show you how to make beautiful bows for the holidays. Materials needed 4 rolls of ribbon with wire 2.5 inch width scissors ruler floral stem wire or something to hold ribbon securely 9 inch loops cut ribbon in 40 -46 inch strips 12 strips of ribbon total Thank you for watching. God Bless

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Do You Use a Christmas Angel to Top Your Tree?

Once your tree is decorated, you’re faced with the task of crowning the tree. Some people top a Christmas tree with large bows and let the strands hang down the sides of the trees. Others place a glittery gold or silver top as the tree’s finishing touch, but one of the most selected choices to top off the Christmas tree is the Christmas angel. The true meaning behind the use of Christmas angels as toppers vary, with […]

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